Why Document Security is Crucial for Your Business

In recent times, the potential for data infringements has multiplied exponentially.  A number of businesses have numerous security processes in place such as firewalls, anti-virus software, anti-malware, Data Loss Protection tools, and similar to prevent their IT infrastructure from being breached by intruders.  However, what their IT management is not easily made aware of is the likelihood of internal security breaches; especially security transgresses concerning document security.

According to reports from a survey conducted by independent research teams, over 89 percent of the participants responded that they experienced some sort of data breach in the form of leaked classified data sometime in their tenure at their place of work.  A further 65 percent of the respondents revealed that the IT controls in their respective offices were ineffective in supervising employees when it came to the transfer of information.  The research also concluded that security implications were one of the biggest IT concerns of all the participants.

The survey results exposes how document security is a critical concern for almost every organisation.  Irrespective of the format, whether in word files, PDF documents or any other data file, classified and proprietary data must be safeguarded at all costs in order to protect the interests of the company. According to a recent audit done at a reputed medical centre, one particular employee was able to access the records of over 800 patients in a span of one year without the need for authorization. Among the information that was leaked by the employee were social security numbers and clinical data.  This was an extremely disturbing occurrence, but unfortunately not unique.

In recent months, the Australian immigration section also experienced a massive data infringement when some of their employees replicated a particular image from a spreadsheet into a word file that caused the leakage of data of over 8000 people.  Even though it turned out to be an accidental error, the impact it created was colossal.

Employing copy protection software can help avoid such incidences. Furthermore, effective Enterprise PDF DRM software can prevent information from being replicated or edited and can further prevent piracy or illegal sharing of classified documents.  Document security solutions are extremely competent in providing functionality such as stopping use and removing access to the viewing of the files if it is suspected that they have been compromised.  The owner of the document can enforce expiration dates for PDF documents or revoke them any time, regardless of the location of the PDF documents.

Enabling document security software in an organisation, irrespective of its size, not just guarantees more beneficial security, but it also extends improved control of supervising.  PDF document security can enable the document owner to alter access controls even after files have been distributed, control the location from where files can be used and the devices documents can be used on, and document usage can be logged so you can see when files have been viewed and printed.

Enterprise PDF DRM is highly crucial for any business; with the application of document security software such as Locklizard, organisations can easily avoid data leaks with the help of DRM based access controls.  With the help of Locklizard’s document security solution, PDF documents can be locked only to authorised users and their devices, while enabling limitations on sharing and dissemination of the file.  In addition, Locklizard Enterprise PDF DRM can also ensure if location-based access to a particular document needs to be permitted or disallowed.