Safeguard PDF DRM Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

These are just a sample of our customer testimonials.


Infield Systems provides data, forecast reports, mapping, business advisory, transaction support and commercial due diligence products and services to the global offshore oil, gas, renewable energy and associated marine industries.

After a year of being a signed up to Enterprise PDF Security, I have to say I am really happy with the product and I am really pleased with the level and responsiveness of the support we have received. We have had relatively few issues with clients and this has mostly been around admin rights and overzealous IT departments. I would recommend LockLizard highly for both product and customer service – which is excellent. Changing to LockLizard has literally improved my life as I do not have anything like the issues I was having before with FileOpen.


Nice-Pak is the global leader in the design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of premium quality branded and private label wet wipe products.

We use Safeguard PDF Security to secure company performance documents that are posted on our Intranet. It’s a great tool for any organization and less expensive than other solutions out there. Tech support has been quick to reply and very helpful.


CCS is a leading provider of Business Process Outsourcing and strategic recovery solutions.

We would certainly recommend Safeguard PDF Security to other companies. LockLizard DRM allows an easy solution to maintaining document control with minimal software license expenditure.  Proprietary documents are not misplaced or forwarded to the wrong individuals – you cannot place a value on that.


The Austin Diagnostic Clinic is one of the most prestigious multi-specialty clinics in Austin and Central Texas.

We would be happy to recommend LockLizard to any company needing a flexible way to secure PDF files. Safeguard PDF Security has provided us with a very workable solution to the need to share certain information in a secure fashion. The support has been excellent and your customer service people very accommodating.


Angel Business Communications is a leading business-to-business (B2B) media, conference, awards and exhibition organizer.

LockLizard have provided an excellent Enterprise PDF Security product that has given us the tools to create and help our clients.  The security and implementation makes things easy from our point of view and help supply a quality solution.   The speed and ease of adding the security to ecourses has meant that we can turn them around very quickly and get them to market. Most clients seem to be able to read the documents within minutes of purchasing the eCourse, and many have commented that the readability of the documents is far easier in the LockLizard  protected PDF format than the Flash version we implemented before.


Select Milk Producers, is a dairy farm co-op producing high quality milk and efficient dairy farm operations.

LockLizard provides document security that works automatically, with minimal user involvement.


Icelandic Standards (IST) is the national standards body of Iceland. It is an independent association whose role, by law, is the publication of Icelandic standards and the representation of Iceland in international and regional standards bodies.

We would recommend Safeguard PDF Security to other companies for its security, cost and ease of use. It does what we expected it to do and more. Ease of use came as a bonus and the implementation went very well – much easier than we would have thought. The product manual is excellent and LockLizard staff are very accommodating.


Aetos Capital, LLC is an independent investment management firm.

We would recommend this PDF DRM product. Although we have not taken full advantage of Lock Lizard Safeguard PDF Security yet as we are still in startup mode, we have found it fairly easy to use and our account rep and support was very accessible and helpful.  We use LockLizard DRM to distribute proprietary documents such as the business plan, etc. to internal interested parties. As of now, the product has worked as promised and we have had no major issues or complaints.


Canada Care Global are an educational company that trains caregivers for work in Canada.

The ROI for us is incalculable.  We have the security of knowing that our proprietary documents are secure. This is the entire value of our company. I would most certainly recommend your PDF security product to my collegues and I have already. The ease with which I was able to implement your PDF DRM product in to our company was surprising.


Nexus is the principal processor of credit cards in Chile addressing more than 50% of the market.

Critical benefits for us have been stopping easy distribution of our proprietary information and our customer’s confidential information, particularly to our competitors. We consider the confidential nature of our business to be of key importance. We have been very satisfied by the support service.


Chipworks is the recognized leader in reverse engineering and patent infringement analysis of semiconductors and electronic systems.

We chose LockLizard to secure our PDFs because it was the best fit for our application and cost. We evaluated many other products but felt that LockLizard was better. We expect this to provide a new way of sharing our knowledge with customers.