To buy our Enterprise PDF DRM software:

  • Phone – US: +1 800 707 4492  or  UK & Europe: +44 (0)1292 430290
  • or email a P.O. to
  • or ask us to send you a proforma invoice.


Prices are in USD.  Payment terms are 30 days (subscription/perpetual licenses), before license delivery (own server license), or credit card (monthly license).


Price Options
$890 Monthly license with support
$1090 Monthly license with ecommerce & support
$4995 Annual license (payable every year)
$9995 Perpetual license – hosted on LockLizard servers (payable once only – hosting fees apply in year 2 onwards of $500)
$12995 Perpetual license – hosted on your own server (payable once only)
$500 Additional writer license (3 provided as standard for hosted systems)
$2000 Safeguard Portable USB Security (additional add-on)
$2000 Ecommerce integration module (additional add-on)
$1495 Command Line utility (additional add-on)
$4000 Viewer own branding (additional add-on)
FREE Secure Viewer Software – unlimited copies