PDF DRM Software – Safeguard Enterprise PDF DRM Security


Safeguard Enterprise PDF DRM protects your documents against leakage and theft.

Our Digital Rights Management Software controls who can use your documents and what can be done with them, providing persistent end-to-end protection throughout your documents life-cycle, both inside and outside the firewall.


Enterprise PDF Digital Rights Management

Safeguard Enterprise PDF DRM Security



Safeguard Enterprise PDF DRM stops:

printing (you can also limit the no. of prints)
editing & modification
saving of unprotected content
sharing (users must be licensed and authorized to view protected PDF documents)
use of protected PDF documents in virtual environments
printing to non-printers (file, PDF, XPS drivers)


Safeguard Enterprise PDF DRM enables you to:

expiry control document expiry
revoke user access
revoke document access to enforce document retention periods and policies
watermark PDF files with dynamic user data at view/print time
lock PDF files to specific devices (iOS, Android, Windows or Mac device)
enforce the location(s) where secure PDF files can be viewed
specify online/offline usage policies
log document prints and views and generate reports


Continuous document protection

Safeguard Enterprise PDF DRM ensures your documents are protected no matter where they reside or how they are distributed.  It provides continuous document security making certain that your IPR is protected at all times and is only made available to the intended parties.




Safeguard Enterprise PDF DRM vs Adobe Content Server / LiveCycle Rights Management

Safeguard Enterprise PDF DRM costs a fraction of Adobe Content Server or Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management, and since we do not transmit documents with their decryption keys it is a much more secure system too.

Advantages of using Safeguard Enterprise PDF DRM include:

  1. Set pricing charge regardless of the number of documents you protect and/or distribute (unlike Adobe who charge a per document fee).
  2. Ability to prevent screen grabbers from grabbing screenshots of your secure documents.
  3. Comprehensive document expiry options – after a number of views, after a number of prints, expiry in n days from first use, expiry on a fixed date, or any combination of these.
  4. You don’t need to know who the recipient is in order to protect a PDF document for them.  PDF documents are protected and access rights are assigned using a simple web based administration system.
  5. Use of publications for simpler document management.  You can protect documents to a publication and give users access to specific publications rather than having to assign individual access to specific documents.
  6. You can prevent use of your documents in thin client and virtual environments.
  7. Controlling the locations (i.e. office only) from where secure PDF documents can be viewed.
  8. We don’t use passwords as they are an insecure mechanism for document protection.
  9. Secure PDF files are locked to authorized devices only ensuring they cannot be shared.
  10. New versions of our software always work with old documents.


Enterprise PDF DRM Security


With Safeguard Enterprise PDF DRM documents are always protected locally on your computer with US Government strength encryption, AES 256 bit.  Documents can be batch protected using our command line interface which also provides quick and simple integration into your existing web based applications and .NET code (where PDF encryption is required on-the-fly) without the need to use an API.  It also simplifies integration with Document Management Systems.

The administration system (used to license and authorize user access) can be hosted either locally on your own server or you can purchase a managed system.


secure pdf admin


  Protect your PDF documents now

Safeguard Enterprise PDF DRM Security is the most cost effective and secure solution available to protect PDF documents both inside and outside the enterprise.

Evaluate Safeguard Enterprise PDF DRM free for 15 days.